Working for Evil


he people who say that the entertainment industry is the best one to be in, never stepped foot in Brandan's office. His boss, Amanda, pushes people and finds new ways to make the words "deadline" take on new meaning.


  • Style: Adventure

  • Achievements: 0

  • Endings: 4


  • Amanda

  • Brandan

  • Courtney

  • Denise

  • Olivia

  • Sierra Williams


  • The fist Lop title to include the "speed touch" mechanic, where players have to time their touches (slow, good, fast) in order to continue the scene.

  • If the player reads Brandon's email, Brandon will talk about not hearing from a Nigerian prince. This is possibly a reference to a popular email scam from Nigeria that try to con people out of money.

  • Courtney will refer to "the next Lewinsky". This refers to the American scandal where former American President Bill Clinton had sexual affairs with a young woman named Monica Lewinsky.

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