Jordan 500 stories


Jordan was a small town girl with big dreams of stardom in the movie world. But she begins at the bottom and will do anything, and anyone, to accomplish her goal.

Kitsumi: The cheating wife


Kitsumi is a stay at home wife who wishes for a bit of excitement in her boring life. She is awarded the opportunity when her TV breaks and a young handsome repairman named Jacob comes over to fix it.

The Bitcher


There is an ancient world where trolls and fairy's roam the land. Where magic is real and love is available to anyone who is willing to pay. In this world, there lives a free roaming "hero" known only as The Bitcher, who travels across the and to any village to help all you are in need...well almost. As long as people all willing to pay him or offer women as payment for doing tasks for others, he is more than happy to assist. If not, then just save your breath.

Recently he came across a village that has experienced a new evil. It has taken the women of the village away for himself and hopes to rule all the kingdoms as well. The last part does not bother The Bitcher, he could care less who is ruling over what, but taking all the women away? That's crossing the line!

Moments: Business trip


Jack is on a business trip with his new, and lovely, secretary, Gina. He enjoys charging the company the money for the 1st class airfare and even the high end hotels, but more importantly, he loves to take beautiful woman out of their element.

Alice - erection race


Alice is young women with big political dreams. As of now she is making her moves within the inner workings of the political spectrum. Shaking hands, kissing babies but also shaking her ass and kissing dicks. Sadly after a small incident dubbed "the bathroom incident" it set her back a bit. What do you expect a young attractive woman to do, play fair? That's not Alice's style.

But right now there is a huge opportunity for her as she found her way into the local senator's benefactor's dinner, which is a fancy political word for "holding a dinner and charging four digits to get in to fund my campaign." She wants to use this time to possibly rub elbows with the young senator in hopes that it may lead to getting his support and votes that can get her the title of Mayoress of Passion City. And is rubbing elbows doesn't work, then some other form of rubbing might work too.

Casino of passion


Money is a powerful thing, especially when you are in a casino. With the bright lights flashing, the cheerful music of slot machines and the carefree smiles and laughter of every single tourist who thinks that blowing their money in a casino is a good way to spend their vacation time. It's people like that that Will looks for.

Will, is a young card-shark, who uses his father's money to try and rope in suckers for his own amusement. In some instances, he will keep the money to hire some of the best hookers in town for the night. In other instances, if the women that lost their money are hot enough, offers them the chance to get it all back for one night of sex. Either way, Will is going to get some action and he could careless who is on his dick.

The Heist


In the quiet of night in a the heart of the financial distract of Sunset City, the working white collared workers head home for the night. From the shadows is a figure watching and waiting till the last one leaves. He sneaks around the back and into the building. He is not the night custodian or some late night worker. He is a thief. But not just any thief, a master thief named Rhett.

He was contracted to steal classified files from a company and deliver it to his employer. Everything was simple, child's play to him and an easy score. But he was not expecting a high grade woman named Audra to come and stop him.

Olga: 20 dollars girl


Scott is a traveling business man who makes a stop for two weeks in Eastern Europe. Olga is a young student who sells her body in the streets to make money for her classes in school. One day, they both meet and Olga offers Scott a very lucrative transaction.

Hot wife story


Richard and Michelle are your normal couple: they work, they pay bills and they feel the love in their relationship disappearing day by day. Michelle wants to reignite their flame by role-playing as an escort that her husband is hiring.

Lake party


Pete and his friend Kevin are hosting a party up at Kevin's parents lake house. Kevin is inviting his sexy girlfriend, Lily and Pete can try to invite his classmate Ashley for a weekend getaway.

Living with Sasha


Terry loves Sasha, simple as that. But the only problem with that is it made Terry more jealous of other men around Sasha. And as anyone will tell you, that creates the drama, the problems and the unavoidable "relationship reset". Now Terry has 40 days to try and rekindle his relationship with Sasha before it's too late.

Stripper Pick-up


It's been a slow night. Sure you got three numbers from three smoking girls, but your urges have not been satisfied. Now you head to your final destination for one last chance at a happy night.

SPY: Agent 069


Tiffany (aka Special Agent S) is one of the best female agents in the field. When a known terrorist is looking for beautiful women for his sex trafficking ring, Tiffany must go undercover and attempt to put to an end to his terror.

Prima Ballerina


Crissy wants more than anything to be a world famous ballerina. When the opportunity comes in the form of a famous ballet director looking for new talent. Now Crissy must choose between practicing for the role of a lifetime or her relationship with her boyfriend, Andrew.

College romance


College is a place full of young people who want to make their lives better. Whether it;s the pursuit of higher learning or to find out who they are ad a person, college will help you find it. But there is that small group of people who see college as a a means to escape the watchful eyes of their parents for all forms of drinking, parting and sex they can muster. Mike just so happens to fall into that latter group.

Mike is one of your average college student with rich parents. But when his parents tell you that they will pay a vacation If he passes his classes, Mike now must improve himself and try to see if one of the three most beautiful girls in school would like to accompany him on his trip. Let the dating and sex adventures begin!

Secrets of Heaven


Smoke was your lower, C class citizen who takes any job to make ends meet. But one day he wakes up in his trashy apartment to find a stunning new addition to it: a beautiful woman and neither of you remember how it happened!

Camera Business


Didi is a woman living in the 21st century who knows what she wants and pursues it to the end. She had big dreams; get married, get a good paying job, and maybe have kids in a big house. But her family did not care about all that after they found out that she did not stay true and pure before her wedding day. It got so bad that they even forced her husband to be to turn her down at the alter. That is how you fund her.

She came out of nowhere, thrown out by her family and without a roof over her head. You taken pity on her and offered her a place and she "payed" you back with some sex. Soon after she comes up with her revenge plan: to become the best porn star, and you are going to help her!

A sexy stranger asks you to film her to have sex and she lives with you every day? Who's going to turn that down?

Peyton and Avery


Lucas loves Peyton. And Peyton, well she thinks she loves Lucas. The reason for the hesitation was because Peyton saw Lucas kissing that slut, Avery. Lucas wants Peyton, but he is also curious about this wild girl Avery as well.

Shelly: the escort girl


Shelly is the best of the best at what she does: escorting. Today she has a real opportunity with an A-List celebrity that could possibly pull her out of the escorting business and into something more promising then working nights only.


  • Style: Choose Your Adventure

  • Achievements: 0

  • Endings: 5


  • Jay T

  • Shelly

  • Swap Daddy

Real estate agent


The life as a real estate agent has it's up and downs and is a mostly commissioned based career, but in the hands of Francis Queen, there is never a dull moment in the terms of finance. But in sacrificing for his career, he suffered in his personal life. Now, he decided to dedicate more of his time to try and find love.


  • Style: Adventure, 30 Day Limit

  • Achievements: 10

  • Endings: 4


  • Amelia

  • Francis Queen

  • Riley Jones

  • Stella

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