Elven Fantasy


In a mythical kingdom where Elves and Humans live in harmony, there lives a young elven hunter named Eil'nes. She is a strong huntress who relies very little on the aid of man with her fiance, Rhy'vin. Though he is very kind to them and tells Eil'nes to be more trusting to them, she still can not let go years of prejudice and hatred that her ancestors and humans have had with one another.

But now it seems that Eil'nes has little choice. After her fiance Rhy'vin was inhured by a mugging, from what she assumes were humans, Eil'nes now must travel to the local human settlement to pay an over due payment on their land. to help his condition.


  • Genre: Choose Your Adventure, RPG

  • Styles: Inter-Species, Cheating, Blowjob, Anal, Cunnilingus

  • Achievements: 0

  • Endings: 6


  • Corin

  • Eil'nes

  • LaFirynda

  • Rhy'vin

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