Divided Heart


Being married to many people is the greatest experience they can have. To knowledge that you always have a someone waiting for you at home, someone to always to talk to and someone you can have sex with on a frequent basis. But there there is the ones who witness the other part of marriage where all three of those things do not exist and sadly Peirce Walker falls into that category.

Peirce is a loving husband who as for the past few months has seen he and his wife, Camille, slip further and further away. With Camille picking up more hours at work and coming home to cold dinners and burnt out candles, Peirce will try to reignite the flame between them or find himself a new flame with a sexy tennis instructor named Lexi.


  • Genre: Adventure, 14-Day Limit

  • Style: Cheating, Nurse, Anal, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Spanking, BDSM

  • Achievements: 0

  • Endings: 4


  • Camille Walker

  • Eric Sledge

  • Lexi Stone

  • Peirce Walker

  • Zachary

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