Claire: The exchange student


Kendra is a college student who joined the Cultural Exchange Program in hopes to get a few points on her resume and to satisfy her desire to learn more about world culture. She is in charge of helping foreign students get comfortable with coming to an American university.

Kendra is now tasked with brings another new student in. the student name is Claire and she is coming from France to start school next semester. Kendra does her best to try and be nice to the new student, but Claire is more interested in in Kendra then her new school and hopes to help Kendra explore the joys of being with another woman.


  • Genre: Choose Your Adventure

  • Styles: Lesbian, Fingering, Cunninlingus, Blowjob, Masturbation, Anal

  • Achievements: 0

  • Endings: 5


  • Claire

  • David

  • Kendra


  • The was the first Lesson of Passion game to feature the artistic styles of Chestnut Shuffles.

  • The game features the first "timed" responses that require players to select certain choices within a certain amount of time.

  • This game is set before the events of College Romance, and includes both Claire and Kendra in the game.

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