Camera Business


Didi is a woman living in the 21st century who knows what she wants and pursues it to the end. She had big dreams; get married, get a good paying job, and maybe have kids in a big house. But her family did not care about all that after they found out that she did not stay true and pure before her wedding day. It got so bad that they even forced her husband to be to turn her down at the alter. That is how you fund her.

She came out of nowhere, thrown out by her family and without a roof over her head. You taken pity on her and offered her a place and she "payed" you back with some sex. Soon after she comes up with her revenge plan: to become the best porn star, and you are going to help her!

A sexy stranger asks you to film her to have sex and she lives with you every day? Who's going to turn that down?

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