Alice - erection race


Alice is young women with big political dreams. As of now she is making her moves within the inner workings of the political spectrum. Shaking hands, kissing babies but also shaking her ass and kissing dicks. Sadly after a small incident dubbed "the bathroom incident" it set her back a bit. What do you expect a young attractive woman to do, play fair? That's not Alice's style.

But right now there is a huge opportunity for her as she found her way into the local senator's benefactor's dinner, which is a fancy political word for "holding a dinner and charging four digits to get in to fund my campaign." She wants to use this time to possibly rub elbows with the young senator in hopes that it may lead to getting his support and votes that can get her the title of Mayoress of Passion City. And is rubbing elbows doesn't work, then some other form of rubbing might work too.

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